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End of the Blog 10.08.2013
People in Ghana 17.08.2010
Food in Ghana 16.08.2010
Transport in Ghana 16.08.2010
Kakum National Park (by Ben) 16.08.2010
Friends, Family and Home (by Ben) 12.08.2010
The Construction Site (by Ben) 12.08.2010
On the Street (by Ben) 12.08.2010
The Beach (by Ben) 12.08.2010
Coffins (by Ben) 12.08.2010
Cape Coast Castle (by Ben) 12.08.2010
Wli Falls (by Ben) 12.08.2010
Thank you (by Ben) 12.08.2010
Travel-Blog Changes and Pictures (READ THIS FIRST!) 12.08.2010
Travels: 4th of August to the 11th of August. 12.08.2010
Travels: 1st of August to the 4th of August. 12.08.2010
29th of July until the 31st of August (by Emilie) 11.08.2010
The end of our adventure... 08.08.2010
Traveling in Southern Ghana 29.07.2010
26th to 29th the July (by Emilie) 29.07.2010
21st to the 25th of July (by Emily) 29.07.2010
The project 29.07.2010
19th and 20th of July (by Emilie) 22.07.2010
13th to the 18th of July (by Emilie) 22.07.2010
African Alarm Clock 22.07.2010
10th July (by Ben) 19.07.2010
8th to the 13th of July (by Emilie) 19.07.2010
9th July (by Ben) 19.07.2010
7/8th of July (by Ben) 19.07.2010
Travel Itinerary 06.07.2010
Ch-ch-ch-changes! 21.06.2010
Getting Ready + Donations 11.06.2010
Welcome! 05.06.2010