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As the title suggest, there have been some slight changes regarding our looming trip to Ghana. And looming it is: only 16 night's sleep left! :)

Firstly, our United Playground coordinator, Camille, received some news from the Ebenezer International Primary and Secondary School. This school is apparently part of one of the many new programmes that the NGO have to offer, but that haven't yet been updated on the website. The director desperately pleaded for more volunteers to help him out over the summer months, and so Emilie has been asked if she wanted to help out at this school instead of at the Christ the King School.

As with Christ the King, it's equally located in Denu, at walking distance from the host family and supposedly only 100 meters away from the beach. Camille ensured us would it would create a better overall experience, as the volunteers would be kept busy at all times and in a variety of interesting ways.

One of our main reasons for deciding to go to Ghana is to make a difference somewhere that will truly benefit from the aid of volunteers. As opposed to “Western” countries, where the government lends those in need a hand through funding and charities, Ghana, as many countries in West Africa, is almost entirely dependent on volunteers from abroad. If our help will stretch that bit further elsewhere, then the decision is quickly made: Ebenezer International School, here comes Emilie! :)

And secondly, and probably more excitingly for our many blog-followers: we have been told that the host family have internet! However, their computer has been described as highly temperamental and we were advised to bring a laptop or to use the local internet café in town. Rather than rely on our fancy electronic gadgets that could potentially diminish the experience we are setting out to create, we have decided to make use of the latter. So do not despair, dear people, we shall be able to keep in touch through out our adventures on Ghanaian soil! ;)

Speak (write) to you soon!
Much love,
a very excited Ben & Emilie xxx

PS: a very big THANK YOU to all of you, who have made donations! The money will go straight to provisions/ materials for both the school and construction site. We are immensely grateful - thanks for being part of our experience! :)

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Getting Ready + Donations

Thanks to everyone who subscribed – the more the merrier! :)

Since our very first entry our Ghana “To-Do-List” has been thinning out gradually: our visa application proved successful after an anxious three month wait, we have sorted out our travel insurance, flights, bought mosquito nets, gone through gruelling vaccinations (Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Hepatitis B (x3), Rabies (x3), Yellow Fever and Diphtheria) and other, rather tedious and exhaustive payments and paper work. :( On the bright side, we had a great time immersing ourselves in a quest for finding the perfect straw hats, sturdy sandals and summery clothes. Because if one thing will be certain throughout this adventure, it will be the tropical temperatures and ever-present sunshine. This will be a welcome change from the miserable weather Glasgow has to offer! ;)

All the organising aside, we are still hoping to raise some money for the children we are setting out to help. As mentioned in the first entry, these children have next to nothing and especially the school that shall be constructed by Ben and the one Emilie will be working in, are in desperate need of the following materials: children's books, pens/pencils and basic writing materials, toys for the lower primary, footballs/netball, sport equipment and kits (jersey's), paint for the currently bare classrooms, used computers (desktops or laptops) and so on.


Due to soaring costs and not enough sponsoring members, United Playground, the NGO we are travelling with is not a registered one, making it harder for us to raise money. Unfortunately, this website does not support the registered PayPal Donate Button, but for those who have Facebook and want to use this secure way of transferring money (without the need to register), this can be done on: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ben-Emilies-Volunteering-Adventure-in-Ghana/128251587197713?ref=ts

If you want your donation to go to any of the specific needed materials listed above, please don't hesitate to state this to us. We will also gladly report to you how your donations (however small) have helped the children out or send you pictures. :)

And if you can help us in any way, would like more information or are feeling particularly generous, please don't hesitate to contact us: (Emilie) iarlanthirien@hotmail.com or (Ben) bjconan@hotmail.co.uk and we will do our very best to help you out/ provide you with needed bank details and information.

Those impatiently waiting for our next entry, might have to wait a while as our agenda's for the next few weeks seem to be filled to the brim: next week we are moving apartments, the following week Emilie has her family coming over for her graduation on the 24th of June, followed by the arrival of Ben's family for his own graduation on the 1st of July. And exactly 7 days later we set off on our long journey to Ghana! A more busy and exciting schedule seems nigh on impossible! :)

Speak (write) to you soon!
Ben & Emilie x


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Getting ready for adventure number 1: GHANA!

Hey everyone,

this is Ben and Emilie's new travel-blog. Please join us, so we can share our adventures with you!

On the 8th of July 2010 we will be travelling down to Denu, a little coastal village in Ghana, Africa. We will be there for about a month to do volunteer work. Emilie will be working in a school called Christ the King and Ben will be helping out with the construction of an orphanage that should host over 70 orphans from Ghana and Togo, as well as a school attached to it, that will accommodate 450 children (street children, orphans, and the poor and needy).

But this blog is not just for Ghana; we will post all of our future adventures here. We have a great big list of worldwide travels that we would like to do: the Inca Trail in South America, the Santiago de Compostela treck in the North of Spain, a road trip from the West to the East coast of Canada and a long big journey to New Zealand, to name just a few.

I hope you enjoy this as much as we will,

Much love,

Ben and Emilie x

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